Cthulhu & Friends is a podcast! We play the Call of Cthulhu tabletop role-playing game using the d20 system.

Join us as we fight unimaginable beasties, and try to maintain our very sanity!

Home of the #JackSwearJar!

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Clicking on a link will take you to all the episodes of their respective seasons, and their locations. Warning, these pages may or may not contain spoilers, depending on where you are in the podcast and which episodes you are reading about.


Bonus content through the seasons, including bloopisodes, Q&A, Cthulhu & Friends Reads, and other fun things.

Player CharactersEdit

These are the characters controlled by the players, Josh, Staci, Mike, Hiroshi, and Ben. Clicking the link to the player characters will take you to a list of all of them.

Non-Player CharactersEdit

These are the NPCs controlled by Veronica. Clicking the link to the non-player characters will take you to a list of all of them.


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